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How effective is SculpSure?

Life gets busy and despite carving out time to eat healthy and get regular exercise you may find that you still aren’t able to combat stubborn body fat. It can be frustrating when despite being health conscious and physically activity you still struggle to lose the flab. So, does this mean that you have to get surgery in order to get the figure you want? No, not necessarily. Our dermatologist Dr. William Wong, Sr. offers non-invasive, nonsurgical treatment options such as SculpSure to shed that unwanted fat.

SculpSure is one of a variety of body contouring and shaping treatments approved by the FDA to target and treat fat in the abdomen, sides (those infamous “love handles”), back, thighs and chin. This simple procedure is performed by Dr. Wong himself right here in his office, and it takes no more than one hour, making it easy for patients to leave work on an extended lunch, get treated and go right back to work. There is no downtime associated with SculpSure, so you can return to work or your normal routine.

SculpSure In Aiea and Honolulu

SculpSure uses specialized laser technology that targets and heats up fat cells. Heating the cells shrinks them, allowing our body to reabsorb the cells through the lymphatic system. Once the fat cells are destroyed, they are gone permanently. The way to maintain these results is by continuing on your healthy lifestyle such as eating healthy, working out regularly and making sure you’re getting enough sleep. Those who lead healthy lives will see amazing, long-lasting results with SculpSure. Most patients will see results after just two or three sessions, or often within six weeks.

While this fat-reduction treatment may sound like a dream it’s also important that patients come in with realistic expectations for treatment. This procedure is designed to help assist those patients who are already close to their ideal body weight but are still struggling with unwanted areas of fat. This is not a weight loss treatment. An ideal candidate will be an adult who is living a healthy lifestyle who has a body mass index (BMI) of under 30.

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