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What Is UVB Phototherapy Used To Treat?

Ultraviolet B light (UVB) is present in natural sunlight and is the most common form of phototherapy used to treat various skin diseases including psoriasis, vitiligo, atopic dermatitis and other skin disorders. Our office offers two types of UVB phototherapy, Narrowband and Xtrac Laser.

Narrowband UVB Phototherapy (treating generalized body skin diseases)

“Narrowband” refers to the specific narrow wavelength range of UVB light that has proven to be the most beneficial component of natural sunlight in treating generalized (whole body) skin conditions.

Conditions treated: PsoriasisGeneralized PruritusAtopic Dermatitis

Xtrac Laser (ideal for treating localized skin diseases)

Dr. William Wong Sr. is the only Dermatologist in Hawaii to offer the Xtrac Laser, which creates a concentrated, yet painless beam of light, delivered through a handpiece that targets the affected tissue. By specifically targeting the diseased skin, the laser delivers high-dose treatment that promotes faster clearing and longer remission. Most sessions last about 5-10 minutes and require 1-2 treatments a week for up to 10 treatments to improve psoriasis and 15 or more treatments to improve vitiligo.

Conditions treated: PsoriasisEczemaVitiligo

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