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Cosmetic Products

Special Bleaching Cream (SBC)

SBC is Hawaii Dermatology and Surgery Inc.’s unique proprietary cream consisting of 4 active agents. It is designed to treat facial pigmentation, fine wrinkles and sun damaged skin. It has been tested and used by hundreds of satisfied patients over the last 30 years. Contact our office to schedule an appointment if you are interested in beginning our Special Bleaching Cream.


A leader in the field of professional-grade cosmeceuticals, Topix creates advanced formulas to resolve a variety of skin care concerns. By holding themselves to this standard of excellence, they have produced cosmetically elegant formulations that make a noticeable difference in your skin. Topix is a brand that's all about the science of proven clinical skin care.  It shows in their commitment to using only the purest, most refined grade of pharmaceutical-grade ingredients. Chemists carefully monitor and control each step of the products development stages, making sure the products are safe and allergy tested for even the most sensitive skin types.


NuGene cosmeceuticals is our office's newest line of cosmetic products that will help regenerate, repair and revitalize your skin. NuGene products utilize stem cells and nano biotechnology to help the skin produce proteins, cytokines and growth factors  to promote cell regeneration, leaving your skin feeling fresh, soft and young.

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Our office offers various Obagi products including the Nu-Derm and C-RX systems and various Clenziderm and Elastiderm products. Our patients can purchase all products in our office as well as prescription-only, Retin A, after consulting with our providers. Individuals who are not our patients may also purchase the non-prescription products in our office directly as well.

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SkinMedica products are infused with scientifically-proven ingredients such as growth factors to rejuvenate and enhance the natural appearance of skin. We carry many SkinMedica products such as the TNS Essential Serum, Lytera and TNS Recovery Complex. These products can be purchased for our patient's use. Other individual's who wish to purchase SkinMedica cosmeceuticals may also do so in our office, with the exception of Tri-Retinol products.

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Elta MD®

Our office offers both Elta MD Skin and Sun care products for purchase. We carry various UV Sunscreens as well as Elta Moisturizer and Facial Cleanser.

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For maximum improvement and proper usage, schedule a consultation with our providers today!

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